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Exceeding Expectations, One Patient at a Time


Drs. Teresa Vega and Luisa Garcia de la Cabada are clinicians with a combined 15 years of experience treating chronically ill patients. After treating thousands of patients for chronic diseases associated with aging we came to the conclusion that present therapies were initiated too late and are inadequate. Rather than confronting the underlying causes of the diseases and treating aging as a disease itself, we were driven to provide a solution based on scientific, clinically established interventions that would prevent premature disability, dependence, loss of mobility, and delay death and extend our patient's healthy, independent, vibrant life.
Diseases and conditions that often appear hopeless such as arthritis, diabetes, autoimmune disorders that have limited solutions can be mitigated or avoided through therapies that are not typically considered in insurance company directed medicine. Patients have many objectives in coming to us, whether it is to arrest cognitive decline ultimately resulting in dementia and Alzheimer, to restore sexual function, to treat sore joints and improve mobility and strength, or to improve their energy, we believe that we have a solution. After witnessing the suffering, deterioration and ultimate demise of patients that have relied upon institutionally managed health care for treatment, we have decided to provide an alternative. Our patients pay for our services directly, and we provide them a tailored health care regimen suited to improve and optimize their health. Depending on the patient's unique health objectives, we will suggest a combination of non-surgical interventions: dietary changes, nutritional supplements, Stem Cell infusion, and prescription of medications.

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